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Monday, April 17, 2017

First We Were IV by Alexandra Sirowy
Publication Date: July 25, 2017
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Synopsis: A group of friends start a secret society in this out-of-control thriller from the author of The Telling and The Creeping that examines the all-consuming love of lifelong friendship—and what someone is capable of when they’re afraid of losing it.

Izzie loves nothing more than her three best friends, Viv, Graham, and Harry, and the bond the four of them share. And she’s terrified of their friendship falling apart next year when they go off to college. To bind them together, she decides to create that will belong only to them, a special thing that they’ll always share between the four of them. And so they dream up the Order of IV, a secret society devoted to mischief that rights wrongs and pays back debts. At first, it works like a charm—but when the Order of IV’s escapades get recognition beyond their wildest expectations, other people start wanting in. And soon, what started as a game of friendship is spiraling into something dangerous and beyond their control—and before it’s over, they’ll pay the ultimate sacrifice.

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About the Author:

Alexandra Sirowy is the author of the young adult thrillers THE CREEPING, the Bram Stoker Award® Nominated THE TELLING, and the upcoming FIRST WE WERE IV. Alexandra attended a women's college as an undergrad and received her graduate degree in International Studies. When she isn't writing, she loves to travel, read, eat, and get into mischief. She lives with her husband in Northern California.

Disclaimer: All content directly from First We Were IV (such as quotes and excerpts) is taken directly from an advanced reader's copy of the book. Therefore, it is not to be separately quoted from due to the fact that it is not in its final publication form. 


"Four seasons, four directions, four chambers of a heart, four elements, and four of us."
"No matter how much you see, there are bottomless seas you don't."
"'Not anachronistic, exactly,' I told him. 'You look timeless, like you could always exist and you always have. Like a vampire.'"
"Ironic that she used to give me tons of grief over how I dressed and now she wears decapitated toys on her head to cover up how pure evil she is."
"There were no cracks between us then. We outshone the star-choked sky. We stared into space and didn't wonder what was there because we were the universe. All wormholes led to us."
"To be a truly great actor [...] is to forget the truth."
"Don't be a hero."

"You had to ground Graham like you would a live wire. Grab him before his stories got out of control. Except then you'd catch a little of his electricity and be that much more alive for it."
"It felt like we were stealing the last bit of the year's sunshine. Like we were existing as our own little planet, in a tropical solar system [he] invented. And weren't we, a little? We'd invented a secret order and rebellions and history. Were there any stars we couldn't touch?"

"The Order had one invisible hand. With [...] the others, we would have many. All invisible. Omnipresent. Vengeful gods capable of endless aftershocks."


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